Pre-built crypto exchange solution
crypto exchange solution with fast deployment
White Label CEX by Crypton Studio is the platform with all the necessary tools to trade cryptocurrencies in a convenient and secure way.
Easy to set-up and implement
Rapid market launch
Keeping update
Pay only for features you need
Introducing ready-to-deploy white label cryptocurrency exchange by Crypton Studio
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Scalability: Our architecture accommodates the growth in users and orders seamlessly.

Fast deployment: Go live within a month.

Cost efficiency: Initiate at one-fifth of the cost compared to building from scratch.

Branding: Easily align with your corporate aesthetics.

Timely updates: Continuous improvement with new features and enhancements.
Pre-built crypto exchange solution
Technical specifications
According to the results of the solution stress testing for 1000 accounts, the following results were obtained:
* Matching speed of 400,000 transactions per second
* Core speed of 20,000 transactions per second
* Processing speed of 12,000 transactions per second
* Total system performance of 12,000 transactions per second

These indicators directly depend on the deployment environment of the solution. By vertically scaling the server capacity, you can achieve an x3 increase in performance.

In addition, the architecture of the solution is constantly being improved and in the case of signing a contract with support from our company, architectural improvements that will positively affect the results of processing speed will be available to you.
White Label CEX
White Label CEX
The cryptocurrency exchange platform market valuation
in 2021
$30.18 billion
in 2030
$38.63 billion
White Label CEX
Quick market entry with our ready-made crypto exchange solution
Options for users
Flexible spot trading opportunities

Secure storage of digital assets

Comprehensive functions to protect funds from unauthorized access and session management

The ability to fine-tune trading strategies

Easy deposit and withdrawal of funds

The ability to select several types of orders (Market/Limit/Stop limit/OCO)

Full control over financial transactions with a vivid history of all transactions
Options for admins
Manage and make informed decisions with easy access to all system components

Be aware of all user actions and get full information and history on the platform

Flexibly manage access and permissions of users and administrators

Set up currencies, commissions and limits at your discretion

Confirm the operations of users from the gray lists manually

Get reports with selected parameters for full control and analysis
Options For developers
Ability to generate API keys

Access to efficient automation tools and integration with other services
Spot terminal
Trading Charts
Transaction History
Trading Operations
User Profile
Execute spot trades with precision, manage simple limit and market orders.
Deposit, withdraw, and monitor your portfolio all in one secure place.
Get a clear picture of your trading activity with a detailed transaction history.
Track orders, search for specific trades, edit your orders.
Allow your users to set preferences and fully customize their accounts.
The Platform
Analyze trends, spot opportunities and trade with confidence.
Transactions Control
Exchange Wallets
Orders and Trade Tracking
Access Control
Real-time data, intuitive charts, and key metrics at your fingertips.
Control and manage the process of withdrawing funds from the platform.
Timely monitor the problems by tracking all login and registration activities on the platform.
Accurately trace the dynamics of price changes and the trading operations results.
Check which third-party apps are connected to the platform to improve security.
Get detailed information about each user and their activities, and manage access to the platform.
Edit, block or delete administrators, add new ones and modify access rights.
Admin Panel
Ensure transparency by checking the available funds in each wallet on the platform.
Ensure transparency by checking the available funds in each wallet on the platform.
Multi-level Authentication
Access and Permission Management
Regulatory Compliance
Data Backup and Recovery
Data Encryption
Updates and Patches
Contingency and Disaster Recovery
Penetration Testing
DDoS protection
Incident Monitoring and Detection
Implementation of a system to protect against unauthorized access.
Strict access policies to mitigate the risks of insider threats.
Comply with legal requirements: the protection of personal data, AML, anti-terrorist financing.
Software updates and patch installation to close known vulnerabilities.
Regularly backing up data and developing recovery plans to minimize losses in the case of cyberattacks.
Develop contingency and disaster recovery plans to minimize system loss and unavailability.
Regular tests to identify vulnerabilities and prove the effectiveness of security measures.
Traffic filtering systems and distributed content delivery networks (CDNs) to prevent DDoS attacks.
Systems to detect and respond to potential security threats in a timely manner.
In all phases of information handling, storing, transmitting and processing.
Cooperation with regulators and compliance with the requirements
Setting and controlling limits and risks
Internal measures to analyze finances and notify of possible risks
  • Collaboration with regulators and legal compliance.
  • Developing policies and procedures that comply with regulatory requirements.
Financial risk management
  • Determining limits for trades, deposits and withdrawals.
  • Risk control and adherence with established limits.
  • Internal analysis of financial data and metrics to assess risks and potential threats.
  • Mechanisms and algorithms to detect anomalies and suspicious transactions.
  • System of notifications and alerts on possible financial risks and improper transactions.
  • Futures trading
  • Business verification (KYB)
  • Control of transactions (Travel rule)
  • Integration of fiat providers
  • Copy trading
Q4 2024
Project Development Roadmap
Get a full-package of documentation
Full technical documentation from an experienced team of analysts with a detailed description of the development process and platform functioning. We also have prepared an easy-to-understand guide for users.
White Label Crypto Exchange
Are you ready to start your incredible journey into the world of crypto? Our ready-made solution will skyrocket your exchange!
Our tech stack
Javascript crypto exchange
Redis crypto exchange
Typescript crypto exchange
Nuxt.js crypto exchange
Node.js crypto exchange
PostgreSQL crypto exchange
Crypton Studio is more than just a blockchain development team
Benefit from proven solutions refined over 7 years of cryptocurrency development experience.
Navigating your request
Transparent collaboration
Post-launch support
Strategic development insights
Business analytics proficiency
Rigorous specialist evaluation
Our expertise lies in tailoring the exchange that match your specific needs. We guide you through the process, ensuring it aligns with your requirements.
We actively involve the customer at every stage and transparently present our best suggestions, substantiating them with market-proven solutions.
We don't leave you hanging after the project launch. We offer ongoing technical support and provide training for your staff to ensure seamless product operation.
With our deep understanding of current market trends and technologies, we provide insights on optimizing and advancing your exchange.
Leveraging robust business analytics tools, we conduct a thorough research to help your exchange stand out in a competitive landscape.
Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, with a rigorous grading process every six months to ensure top-notch expertise.
Crypton Studio developed:
  • a payment gateway
  • a trading terminal
  • a personal account
  • settings for secure access
  • confirmation of withdrawal of funds
  • an API for algorithmic trading

There is also an admin panel with general functionality for managing and moderating the exchange. Flexible multi-level user verification and convenient interaction with the ecosystem's P2P platform have been implemented.
White Label CEX
Our projects
Tech stack:
An innovative multi-tool platform set for cryptocurrencies management.

It makes crypto payments more accessible and widespread, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies buying, selling, and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Crypton Studio developed:
  • Chain’s launchpad
  • payment gateway for CHA token selling
  • a platform to generate whitelists of users for token pre-sales
  • token smart contracts for four blockchain networks: ETH, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and TRON
Pre-built crypto exchange
Tech stack:
Our customers trust us
"Good working team, flexible approach, ready to help put out fires".
"The team has high standards, and revisions were not needed."
"The work was like being with family and friends."
Igor K,
CEO, DeQuest
Colt Lafreniere,
CEO, Global Acquisition Partners
Sergey Panchenko,
CEO & Founder, Infam
Crypton Studio has been great on keeping up with deadlines, even with multiple pivots and changes in priority. Project managers get very deep with your product and help with ideation later in the development process. Overall great stuff - would recommend.
We praised Crypton Studio's documentation process. The team's designs were easy to implement, and their communication skills were strong. Their knowledge and understanding of complex designs were outstanding. Overall, they delivered great products.
As a result of the collaboration, Crypton Studio delivered a convenient and blockchain-compatible platform that gained positive reviews on its mechanics, transaction security, posting, and chats. The team showed responsiveness, loyalty, and unwavering support in solving bugs, even during weekends.
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